Revolutionize the financial market with Hiperbanco.
Hiperbanco was born with the purpose of decentralizing the offer of financial services, allowing any company to offer solutions such as a bank account, Pix, TED, branded card and much more, becoming a fintech.
Some of our biggest pillars
Startup of the Year Award 2022
We won the Startup of the Year award in 2022. In addition, we won second place in the public notice for the Technological Park of Bahia.
With superbanks, technology and Regulation is within your grasp.

It's all about us, from technology to regulation.

Our Banking Services and Credit services platform provides you with all the resources to develop your own financial solutions, customising flexible and simple approaches to whatever is operating in your sector.

Democratizing credit and achieving financial inclusion in Brazil.

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We comply with all the requirements of the Central Bank in accordance with Circulars 3680/13, 3682/13 and 3885/18.
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